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Being Wildly Kind Book Launch Tour Pics!

“I just read Being Wildly Kind to Adelaide. We absolutely loved it!!! It oozes you. Thank you for sharing your gifts” – Sally

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Being Wildly Kind; finding the magical power inside is the long awaited 4th book in the Being You is Enough series.

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The book series changing lives

As a parent… You always want the best for your child, however it’s easy to over think things, stress and worry about whether you’re doing the right thing for them. It’s natural. Every parent feels the same.

‘Am I a good parent?’
‘Am I doing enough?’

Yes, you are. Remember that. However, it’s good to have a little help along the way. You don’t have to do the parenting thing all alone.

Introducing the books that are helping to reduce anxiety, stress and feelings of isolation in kids

The Being You is Enough Series of Children’s books are filled with life affirming messages, that your child can take with them through to adulthood.

Lifelong messages every child need to hear

They are enough the way they are.

They are loved

They are important to the world.

It’s Ok to be different.

How they can make friends with all their feelings (even the big emotions!)

Mistakes are part of life.

How to find the opportunity in failure.

How to build inner resilience and self-confidence.

Perfect for ages 4 to 12 but applicable for all ages.

Sample Pages

How the books can help your family

Open up important conversations with your kids

Give you an insight into what they’re thinking and feeling.

Bring you closer together as a family.

Gives your kids strategies to help manage big emotions like anger and anxiety.

Lets them know they are wonderful the way they are no matter how different or out of place they may feel.

Gives them tools to develop inner resilience so they can be a little braver in the world.

Gives them important life lessons that they can take into adulthood so they can hopefully be well adjusted adults.

And there’s a bonus one!

You get to relax a little more, knowing that you’re doing your best as a parent and your kids know they’re loved and wanted.

Award winning books

Featured on popular book reading site Story Box Library

How the books are changing lives

“My son Oliver received ‘It’s Ok to Feel The Way You Do’ as a gift and To say this has made a dramatic impact on his life would be an understatement. He’s been through a lot in his first 5 years of life and that left me with a little boy who had extreme separation anxiety, anger outbursts, and a general unease. We’ve read this book more times than I can count. It’s opened up an incredible dialogue between the two of us, things I didn’t realise even had an impact on him I learnt did. By opening up this dialogue he no longer has separation anxiety, his outbursts are less and he has tools to deal with his anger. It is now my go to gift for every child over 3. It changed mine and my little dudes life. Thank you”

– Melissa.

“Thank you so much for writing this book, it opened the door for communication between my son and it helped him feel ok”

– Linda

“Langley’s work is so positive and constantly reaffirms for the reader that who they are is enough, echoing my own personal mantra of many years, that it is no wonder I am such a fan. I’ve shared it with all my teacher librarian networks”

-Barbara Braxton, Teacher Librarian, M.Ed.(TL), M.App.Sci.(TL), M.I.S. (Children’s Services) Dromkeen Librarian’s Award 2003

“At a time when mental health is high on everyone’s agenda – even as it relates to children – this is a book which is sure to be on the bookshelves of psychologists as well as in classrooms and libraries. It is also an ideal book to initiate discussion about relationships and how to negotiate the world.”

– Dianne Bates, Buzzwords Books

“This book made me smile out aloud. Josh has the most magical way of talking about the things that matter. This book is so engaging and talks about how we can see the good when things don’t feel that way”

– Karen Young, founder of Hey Sigmund.

“I highly recommend this three set of books by Josh Langley, they are fantasmagorical!”

– Megan Daley, Award-winning teacher librarian and author and curator of Children’s Books Daily – a guide for parents and a resource for educators.

“One of the best books I have read about feelings and it opened up some wonderful conversations between myself and my son”

– Jnr Bookworms

It is an excellent resource for discussing emotions in a positive, helpful way with children aged five and up.”

– Books and Publishing Australia

Do your kids suffer because they’re different from other kids?

The Being You is Enough series resonates deeply with children who may feel different in some way, whether it’s learning difficulties, anxiety, ADHD, they’re on the Autism Spectrum, have a chronic illness or a mental and or physical disability. The Being You is Enough Series is perfect for them.

Easy to read for different reading levels, even for the most reluctant reader!

Short sections that can be read in small bite size bits or all at once.

Fun cartoon like illustrations that all kids can relate to.

Simple language that talks directly to kids about how they’re thinking and feeling.

Doesn’t talk down to kids.

Good mix of humour that every kid loves, no matter what they’re going through.

Helps them feel not so alone.

Recommended by child psychologists, mental health experts, teachers, librarians and parents.

“There is a little man in my life with some sensory issues and on the spectrum, this ‘blue book’ has become a constant source of inspiration for him, helping him to cope and manage every situation, when anxiety strikes at such a tender age, this very important ‘blue book’ has been able to facilitate an answer and solutions for him to deconstruct his emotions and move on with the rest of his day. You are empowering tender little people. So important.”

– Julie

“My daughter is very sensitive and is often overwhelmed by her feelings, leading to a lot of crying. I asked her what she thought of this book. She said, “I like how it talks about feelings and it is OK to feel like that. It made me feel happy.” I highly recommend this book for everyone–parents, children, schools, public libraries–anyone or anyplace that involves feelings!”

– Kid’s Book Review.

Kids need a circuit breaker to life’s negative influences

Sadly kids don’t always get the important messages that feature in the Being You is Enough Series for whatever reason. With such an emphasis on testing and grades at school, these life messages can get overlooked. And with the kids getting on social media from such a young age, there often isn’t a circuit breaker to the negative influence it can have. Girls as young as 11 are on Instagram feeling inadequate about their body because they don’t look like the celebrities and models they’re following. And the rates of online bullying are ever increasing.

The Being You is Enough Series can help by:

Be a constant reminder that people on social media don’t look that in real life.

Your kids will feel reassured that they are loved no matter what is going on.

When they’re feeling down, they have a toolkit of books they can turn to that will help them feel ok with who they are.

Parents can suggest they read the books together to make the child feel they’re being listened to and understood.

Meet the author of the Being You is Enough Series

I’m Josh Langley and I write my children’s books as a love letter to my 8 year old self. Even though I was outwardly a happy kid, on the inside if was afraid and lonely. Mental illness affected my family and I never felt completely safe or loved. When my parents divorced and my Dad’s girlfriend moved in, things went from bad to worse and I tried to take my own life when I was 15. I went on to fail high school and spent 2 years unemployed and thought I was a failure.

However, things turned around and had a 25 year career as a multi award winning radio copywriter working at several radio stations as well as running my own business. I then became an award winning children’s author, with my second kid’s book, It’s Ok to Feel the Way You Do, winning the Australian Book Industry Awards 2018 Small publisher’s Children’s Book of the Year. 

I tour primary schools in person and online, talking to kids about self acceptance and resilience.

I’m passionate about mental and emotional wellbeing and aim to help kids make friends with themselves so that they grow up to be healthy happy adults.

I’m also the WA ambassador for the Children’s Tumour Foundation Australia.

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In his new book, award winning children’s author Josh Langley, gives kids the tools to find their own inner resilience. out Now. Kids 4 to 12

BSP Its OK to feel the way you feel cover ABIA 2018

It’s Ok to Feel The Way You Do, won the 2018 ABIA Small Publishers’ Children’s Book of the Year. It’s one of the most recommended books on feelings for kids. Kids 4 to 12:

BSP Being You is Enough Cover 300dpi RGB

Josh’s ground breaking first children’s book, Being You is Enough takes kids through the twelve most important things that a kid should know: This is a book they’ll keep for life.Kids 4 to 12:

Being Wildly Kind: Find the magical power inside.
BEING WILDLY KIND is an infectious, fun and hope-filled book packed full of ideas to build empathy and compassion in kids of all ages.


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